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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All That Hair

Molly has been talking for a while now about cutting he lovely locks off and donating them to Locks of Love.  What a wonderful caring thing for this sweet girl to do.
But talking about it and actually doing it are two separate things, after all she has grown very attached to these lovely locks of hers.
Well as soon as we were back from regionals this girl said let's do it, I'm ready...and off to the salon we went!

Two ponytails over 12 inches long off in the mail so that a child somewhere can feel a bit better while going through hair loss.  Molly loves the new cut and feels very proud that her hair is helping someone else.
Knowing how fast this hair grows I have a feeling this may become a habit around here.

In other news I'll be away from the this space for a few days.  Yesterday Greg and I put the kids on a plane to fly solo to DC and meet up with their grandma for a few days!  I am going to enjoy the time and try to get some things done.


  1. Oh what a sweet thing she did! I always wanted to donate to Locks of Love but my hair grows so slowly, I never managed to get it long enough. And now, with the grey in it…I don't imagine it would be useful…

    Her new haircut looks lovely! xo

    1. Meghann, grey is the colour they are desperate for!! They love when my mom donates her grey/white hair.

  2. Good Golly, Miss Molly! Amazing! What a sweet sweet girl.

  3. What a cool thing for her to do. My mother does this every couple of years!

  4. Have a great vacation!!! (if you can without the kids)

  5. I have donated my hair for years, it's such an easy thing to do and so rewarding. Molly looks great with her new cut.
    Have a wonderful staycation!

  6. That is so awesome! I've donated my hair 13 times now...

    Congratulations and have a lovely day!

  7. What a beautiful selfless endearing thing to do. How wonderful is your little girl. She looks adorable. xXx

  8. Wow, that's great. I had plans to do that but I can never let my hair grow that long!

  9. That is awesome! And what lovely hair she donated - and still has!

  10. What a generous and selfless girl you have. :) She looks lovely with the short hair!


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