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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School these days

It seems as though another school year has just about flown by...amazing that I'm already thinking about next years curriculum.  It's funny because really we are always learning, always growing, but sometimes we call it school and sometimes we call it life...We've just about finished up with math mammoth, it's been good to us for sure but next year we are moving on to Saxon as it seems to fit a little better for where the kids are at.

The last bit we've been doing has been geometry and I think we've all had some fun with this lesson.  There is just a bit more chemistry to cover from real science 4 kids, this has been great I've enjoyed the lessons as much as the kids.  They experiment on their own now in the kitchen (a whole post about that one soon, creative little buggers) and seem to genuinely have a good time together.
Corey has been eagerly writing a fiction story that is surely turning into a novel and both kids of course have been reading up a storm.  Our history lessons are ending with some Native American research and report writing, Corey is focusing on Sitting Bull while Molly is interested in the lives of children of the New England tribes.

With this warmer weather we've been outside as much as we can, doing school work or not.  Molly has really taken to having her own special things to tend to in the garden.  Last year she had some lovely strawberries in a small container, this year she's using an old wooden drawer that we've recycled, it looks fantastic and I can't wait to taste those berries.  Of course there will be pumpkins and all the usual garden fun.  I myself am looking forward to a bit of beach time and some camping trips!
How is your school year ending up?

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  1. Tomorrow is our last day and I am beyond excited. Actually I think I am more excited than the fourteen year old. I need a break!


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