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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Weekend

Well it was a work weekend for me (really 3 weeks has gone by since the last?), and I've talked enough about the joy of bringing new life into the world that I don't need to again...OK I DID participate in an amazing water birth on Friday, dad helped deliver, it was beautiful.  But anyway, there were baseball games and papa time but the real excitement was that I had an unexpected day off yesterday.  It was sunny and warm and I felt so blessed to have this surprise time with my sweet family!  We took full advantage:

 First there was an early morning trip to Damariscotta for the Great Atlantic Pumpkin Plantlet Giveaway. Corey has been wanted to grow a giant pumpkin since the first time we read Farmer Boy  and learned about Almanzo's milk fed pumpkin.  Now we've grown pumpkins, but a much smaller variety and every year this boy says "can this be the year I grow a giant pumpkin?"  Finally I can say yes!  We got lots of information, compost and a couple little "plantlets" we'll be sure and keep you updated as to their progress.

And since we were already up the coast we had to drive over to Damariscotta Mills and see if the Alewives were running, and boy were they!  This is such an amazing little thing to see,  Each year these fish swim up this man-made fish ladder to spawn and what a sight it is.  Eagles, Osprey, gulls, photographers and millions of little fish working so hard. If you are in Maine at this time of year it is so worth the trip!  Not to mention that my favorite fabric store Alewives Fabric is right there!

We had a delightful day!  A perfect dinner in the yard, dancing, amazing grilled asparagus fresh from Dragonfly Farm, strawberry shortcake, and music played by the hubs into the night.  What a wonderful way to finish off the weekend...

Joining Amanda
And how was your weekend?


  1. That purple picnic table is AMAZING!!!! And I love the way you set it. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful weekend :-)

  2. beautiful weekend! farmer boy is one of our favorites, it always makes me hungry.

  3. I am always in awe of your job Angie. I always wanted a water birth, but my body had other ideas.
    Your strawberry short cake has made me hungry! ;)

  4. ooh asparagus and strawberries. yum!

  5. What a beautiful experience a water birth must be.
    I always wished I'd had one :)
    Love the photos!

  6. Water births are so wonderful. I wouldn't have a baby any other way! You can talk about birth all you want, I wouldn't tire of it. I hope Corey's pumpkin growing is successful. I think I hear Maine calling my name. Seems like a magical place to live. And as for asparagus and strawberry shortcake, yum! Jacinta


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