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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

While they last

For a very short time in May the smell of lilacs is intoxicating around here!  This smell does something to me that I cannot begin to explain, suddenly I am brought back to the simplicity of childhood...giggles, laughter and secret gardens.  Yesterday I did my best during a break in the rain to bring as much inside as I could to keep it with me everywhere...while they last.
The top of the stairs (this surface needed some tidying anyway, what better excuse.
Of course in the bright bathroom

The living room

An ever-cluttered above the sink window sill

The piano...not sure about this one, but it looks pretty

And of course the brick mantel.
As you may have noticed a lot of the vases are mason jars that my sweet boy decorated on mothers day...gotta love what a bit of tissue paper and glue can do right? 
Had to throw this one in as well, just some forget-me-nots , they pop up all over the yard this time of year.  The thing I love about this is that Molly hauled out this little crystal creamer that belonged to Greg's grandma...something we never use and what a GREAT  way to display it!  Love this idea, thank you sweet girl for your ever creative eye!  I will be filling this with dainty flowers often.

I'm always reminded at this time of year what a lovely little yard we have.  It's not acres and acres, but it's our little corner...and how lucky we are.
Enjoy the lilacs...


  1. I went for a walk yesterday late afternoon in a light warm drizzle and the scent of the lilacs and all of the flowering shrubs was so lovely. Glad you are enjoying it too!

  2. They are beautiful Angie! I don't have lilacs here,but my gardenia's are in bloom! :)

  3. I bet your house smells fantastic! Lovely vases and I especially like the homemade ones.

  4. I long for lilacs here...I think I'll have to plant some in our new yard. Yours are so so lovely. I'm with you on the smell. It's glorious and takes me right back to childhood.

  5. Beautiful. We had lilacs at our previous house and I really miss them come spring. Isn't it a shame they only last such a short while. Jacinta


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