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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Craftastic Kind of Day

Yesterday was hot and I was thrilled that the kiddos were requesting just a mellow day to do some crafting, and boy did we!

Molly made this sweet little clutch from fabric scraps!  "winging it" of course, she does have her mama's genes for that one.  She even used the button hole maker on the sewing machine like a pro!  This girl loves to create!

Corey finished this sweet little pin cushion from Zakka Style as a thank you to a dear friend in Georgia who made him a gorgeous quilt for his bed!  He was very hesitant to sew on the buttons, but quite proud when he did.

Being the active guy that he is, after his sewing was finished he quickly moved on to another favorite craft of his:  Popsicle sticks and a glue gun!
 This bridge and doll were from the other day actually, kids working together, but hey it's pretty darned cute!

This is the project I spent most of my day working on...an organizer, heavily inspired by Zakka Style as well, but a snap instead of zipper.  I love it!  I quickly filled it with all my goods and threw it in my bag.

Once the day cooled down a bit we moved outside for a lovely dinner.  I was so proud, you see the problem with these wonderfully craftastic days is this; The poor hubs comes home to a house that looks like the local craft emporium exploded, the two kids and myself all up in his face eager to show him all the AMAZING things we've made, and when he asked about dinner...oops...we got busy.
So as I was saying, so proud, I had dinner ready complete with a peach crisp in the oven (peaches from our tree) and that poor guy got a call 2/3 of the way home and had to turn around and go back to work and deal with an emergency!
It all ended well.  That sweet man of mine made it home to enjoy tostadas and peach crisp, we showed all of our goods, Molly moved on to a gorgeous embroidery project, which of course meant Corey and I needed to start some too, we had a bit of snuggle time as a family and all hit the hay exhausted.
All in all, a great day.


  1. we have days like that where everything falls to the wayside and we get immersed in crafting and making though most of ours involves paper and paint and thread. your kids are quite talented with the sewing machine - i am very impressed!

    1. Yes they are really getting good with the sewing machine! Warms my heart.

  2. You have really talented children!

  3. A fantastic day! I love inspired and busy days like that. :)

  4. The DIY Popsicle Stick Bridge and doll is so cute. Featured you on Diy Popsicle Stick Bridge Designs And Tutorials


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