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Monday, August 27, 2012

Plain and Simple Fun

I can't believe that we are coming up onto Labor day weekend!  How on earth did that happen?  One week till school starts...really?  I don't feel ready, though I must admit I am looking forward to a more consistent rhythm.  For the joy of summer chaos is wonderful if not somewhat exhausting.
The last few days have been full for this little family.

 We've spent time with our sweet cousin Charlotte (oh she is irresistible)
 a bit of painting, this particular project is an on-going gnome village the kids are working on, I for one am anxious to see the end result.

swimming with friends

 s'mores over a backyard fire...yum!
and napping dogs.
And I've started working on a crochet rag rug, I am excited about this fun little project and will share more as it progresses (as well as the quilt).
As usual we have lots going on, we'll be spending this week trying to get ready for the school year ahead and doing some room re-arranging.
Is your school year starting soon?  What are you doing to get ready or have a bit of fun in between?

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  1. We are back to the books today. We usually wait until after Labor Day, but wanted to get a head start since we will be taking time off in October.
    I bought a huge crochet hook so I could attempt a rag rug, but have never started. Seeing your rug makes me think now is a good time. Thanks Angie.


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