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Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventuring up the Coast

After meeting up with friends to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops, which by the way was amazing! We did a little kid switcheroo for a couple of days.  Molly headed back to the mountains with the girls and we kept an extra boy here with us on the coast.
Now these two are thick as thieves; they are always up for an adventure and not afraid to use their imagination.  So we packed a picnic lunch and headed north. 

Show these two an old civil war fort and they are off; it's a castle, there are battles with imaginary Knights, soldiers and ghosts.  I couldn't keep up if I wanted to, and kept thinking about two very special little boys I know who would simply love this adventure!

The views were amazing, of course there was some education of course, but most of all it was just an amazing adventure that they are still talking about this morning.

Of course there was an adventure for me on the way home as well.  Rt 1 in Maine is full of antiques and junk shops around every corner, always such a treat.
 I've been on the look out for a wooden ironing board for a while now and I finally scored one!  Now to find the perfect fabric to make a cover...any thoughts?
I also found a great piece of vintage Pyrex that I am completely in love with!  This morning I filled it with the first batch of peaches from the tree (thanks for picking them mom), Oh what to make what to make?

A wonderful adventure indeed, we all slept well last night and are looking forward to another fun filled day.  How was your weekend?

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  1. First all of, JEALOUS of the obviously fantastic junking! I adore that ironing board.
    And peach cobbler of course!
    That looks like the perfect weekend. Have a great week.

    Here is my weekend...http://boninfarm.blogspot.com/2012/08/weekending.html

  2. soooo stinkin' jealous of that gorgeous pyrex! love it. unfortunately our thrifting leaves MUCH to be desired :(

  3. Oh, my 6 year old would love to tag along with your boy and his friend. Love your photos...and I would love love love to go with you into that junk shop! OH, the possibilities!!!
    xo Jules

  4. What an awesome adventure! Congrats on scoring a wooden ironing board! I've been on the lookout for one of those too.

  5. We saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops when they came to town this summer; AMAZING! Did she sing the Scottish song (can't remember the name but it made me cry) at your concert?

    Oh, I do get homesick for New England when I see lovely photos like these. We recently moved from coastal NH to the mountains of western Virginia, and love it but there's nothing like the Maine coastline.

    Lovely blog you have; I popped over from Soulemama:-)


    1. totally sang the scottish song, amazing! I'm so hooked!

  6. Lovely pyrex and ironing board!! What a score! I'm glad you to found the perfect christening for your pyrex with the peach cobbler. :)

  7. I wish I had a peach tree. My climate can't support those types of trees here. I try when possible to get them at my local grocery store.


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