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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good to be home

Our family took a quick little trip over to Vermont this weekend to visit family and friends.  As usual we didn't have a lot of time and tried to fit in as much as we could.

We of course found most of our time with little baby Charlie, the newest Klein born 10 months ago to Greg's brother and his sweet wife.  Charlie is enough to make any ones ovaries ache!  He is too cute and sweet for words.  Seeing my children with him was truly special.  He's just a happy darling little boy that I don't get to spend nearly enough time with.  He looked too handsome in his little vest that I made and though it was hard to catch a photo as he is always on the move, I did manage to snag a few.  Before we left yesterday he slept snuggled on my chest for close to an hour and I must say at that moment I could have had 5 more babies (folding laundry, picking up after and hanging rehanging outside clothing to dry for the 2 I have has suppressed that feeling today)!

the vest

The only other folks we managed to see were our friends Dave and Meredith and their beautiful little family.  They have a melt-your-heart 2 year old boy and a brand new (1/11/11) baby girl.  Again...the ovary aching in full force!  I knit her a little dress that was of my own design and I must say I am proud.  I'm not posting pictures just yet as I may send the pattern off to petitepurls.com but soon.

Now for anyone who doesn't already know  my heart skips a beat as soon as we cross the Vermont border.  Those green mountains call to me in a way that I cannot explain.  I'm a Maine girl, grew up in Maine, love the ocean and love that I can have mountains and ocean together in one place...But something happened when I lived in Vermont that is beyond words for me.  I feel so happy and at peace there, it feels like home.  I honestly can't pin point a reason (and people ask all the time), I did find my true love there in those green mountains, and I did have both my babies there...maybe that's it.  Whatever the reason I get very excited looking at real estate magazines whenever we go, I find several perfect houses and a few plots of land...By the trip back Greg has grown very tired of my delusions of grandeur and just wants to get home, this of course makes me sad.
Of course now that I am home, it feels so good.  being next to the wood stove,  helping the children get through their daily lessons, even the daily chores feel good.  This house is our home and I strive to make it as homey and warm as I can for my family. 

So for now, I am happy and content and will continue to make our house a home...but I will  dream.


  1. Oh I get that feeling a lot. Just the other day I saw a baby in the grocery store and although I had one in a carrier ON me at that moment while pushing another in the cart I could have had ten more. Laundry is quite the reality check, isn't it? Vermont looks lovely.

  2. Oh my gosh I want to make Claire a baby vest so badly! That is soooo cute! Love reading about your fam!


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