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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My helpful little people

I just finished teaching a child birth education series at the hospital.  This is class that a few of us have created trying to combine  different theories and approaches that we have found helpful with patients as well as our own births.  I'm pretty proud of the class, since introducing it about 2 years ago we have managed to increase the percentage of "natural" or un-medicated births in our hospital...in my opinion that is something to be very proud.  I am a huge advocate for natural childbirth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting and the like.  I also believe in western medicine and being that I am in the medical field I see what it can do.  However it is sad to me how as a culture we have come to fear childbirth at such an intense level. Our bodies were designed to do just this...birth babies, it is by far the most profound event one can have in their lifetime.  A normal, natural, healthy process.  I am by no means saying it is easy, just that it is worth the work and effort and nothing to be afraid of.   
Ok before I head off on that tangent (perhaps another day, or another blog) the whole reason for this post was to mention how helpful my wonderful little monkeys have always been with this little passion of mine.  Child birth discussion is just a normal part of their lives.  I remember Molly being maybe 2 1/2 years old and looking at text books with me and loving the whole process of the birth (pictures of course, she wasn't reading obstetric texts yet).  But a few years ago when this class was being created she was there for a lot of meetings (often at our home) so typical of 6 or 7 year old she was listening and taking it in even when we thought she was simply playing at her little wooden kitchen.  This is what she presented me with when we had finished the class outline and presented for approval:
"Facts About Birthing"

steps to holding a baby     
I show these to every class I teach now, I especially love the first step in holding a baby notice the baby is on the floor as the person bends strait down to pick her up, and the way cradle is spelled very phonetically cratl.
The kids also having been coming to the hospital with me before class to set up for years now (dad picks them up on his way home from work). Now that Miss Molly is 10 she decided to skip this last class that I taught in favor of going to the Y and helping with the preschool gymnastics class.  Corey, however, my every strong man loves driving the birth balls from their storage area down the elevator, down the hall, up another elevator and finally to the spot where I teach.

of course he always manages to find a little time to play with them before dad comes...gives all my pregnant mamas a little glimpse into the future I guess.  Anyway, I am fortunate to such wonderful and dedicated little helpers.  What do your little ones do to help?  send a comment or link back to your own blog.


  1. I LOVE those instructions by Molly, thanks for sharing those! Although I will have to try and remember to have more 'fun' next time around..... I'm not sure how much help Claire is yet :) but she is awfully cute when I get things done with her in the sling or on my back... I am not quite as efficient when I'm wearing her, but I try.

  2. Those instructions are so wonderful! I especially love the drawings in the Holding a Baby one. So great, thanks for sharing these.

  3. Love this, Ang. Great photos, too, Henry glanced over and was excited to see Corey on the screen.

    I have to say, life in our house is SO much easier with big kids around to help! My teens are wonderful about folding laundry, doing dishes, babysitting so I can shop or do errands, shoveling the driveway, entertaining the boys and helping them with school work. My boys are helpful too, setting and clearing the table, shoveling, taking out trash & recycling, cleaning up the house, and helping each other with schoolwork & projects.

  4. Wendy you and Tim have raised truly amazing children...you are an inspiration to me all the time. Seriously! I'm homeschooling:)


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