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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Today was a lovely, lazy Sunday; exactly what we needed.  Yesterday was busy from start to finish, Greg coached Corey's basketball game at 8:00am, Molly left for a gymnastics meet at 9:30, the boys came home and Corey got ready for a birthday party...Dropped him off at the birthday party at 11:00 and drove the 45 minutes to Molly's meet.  3 1/2 hours of sitting on bleachers watching our lovely angel compete, then back to Bath to pick up Corey.  Greg turned around shortly after and drove to Portland to play a late night gig while the kids and I had dinner and spent a little time watching Mythbusters before heading to bed.  Greg returned home shortly before 3:00am exhausted and exhilarated from playing.

So a little quite time was perfect today.  I got up and made some yummy blueberry muffins (a recipe I've adapted from the King Arthor Flour Baker's Companion). 
While the monkey's were getting up and devouring muffins I finished a pair of simple fingerless mittens for Greg.  He's always complaining about how cold his hands get at work so I figured I'd try and warm him up.  Molly had them on most of the morning so it looks like I'll be knitting her up a pair as well.
 Corey had a friend over for the afternoon so I spent some time making cute little peg dolls with Miss Molly (a talented little crafter).

Somewhere in all of this Greg managed to cook a chicken, record a song or two and make broth and chicken soup for dinner tomorrow!  I had the easy job of making dinner for tonight; long grain brown rice and tikki masala (tofu for Mol and Chicken for us).
And finally we settle in to start the next chapter of The Hobbit before bed...a wonderful family day.

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