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Thursday, January 13, 2011

a home for the peg dolls

 Yesterday while we were getting burried deep in snow Molly and I made a cute little house for the peg dolls we made over the weekend.  The origional plan was to post a wonderful How-to...but honestly as cute as it turned out, getting there wasn't pretty.  I had some interfacing and lots of scrap fabric lying around just waiting for a project. The idea came from a how-to link that a friend sent me (thanks Wendy) on paper houses, you can check it out  here. Looking at the sweet little houses I started remembering these Great little fabric houses my friend Allison makes (hint-hint Allison maybe you could post some pictures).  Finally Molly and I came up with this:

The end product is cuter than cute I must say, but not of the quality that deserves a how-to for the rest of the world.  The peg dolls are happy and so is Miss Molly.
Now I've got to get these kids back into school mode (yes we let them have a snow day yesterday), and find time to finish my knitted gifts for our weekend trip to VT.
Enjoy your day and find time to create!


  1. Fantastic! The finished product is great.

  2. Angie, That is so cute. Wish we could get the girls together to play!

  3. Just cuz I don't post a comment every day doesn't mean that Auntie Anne isn't checking the blog most every day! What a cute little house!!! Lots of math involved there!

  4. gotta get her to enjoy math somehow Anne, she can't stand it...

  5. Joan, now that we're homeschooling we'll have to field trip to the VT state capital!

  6. It is wonderful! I love the way it opens!

  7. Nice work A & M! I'd post a pic if I knew how...


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