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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day of creativity

This morning I decided that we needed some sandwich bread and immediately set out to making some.  I LOVE the dough hook on my kitchen aid so much!  I know that lots of people love the feeling of kneading the dough themselves and while I appreciate that and often do if the kids are baking, when it comes to just getting some sandwich bread in the oven my kitchen aid rocks!

I fall back on my favorite cookbook King Arthur Bakers Companion this book has never led me astray (with the exception of biscuits, but we won't go into that OR blame the book).  I feel that this book has truly helped me to become an excellent baker.  I wiggle the recipes around a little to get just what I want but it works.
As the children got up first the boy and much later the girl (who stayed up too late reading) it was sweet to see them both just start creating.  Not a word from mom about what to do, they both just started in.  Corey first got very busy with a needle felting project he's been talking about for a while.  In the end he was truly thrilled and surprised by his results.  He kept adding and adding with pride to his play mat without any assistance.
the dinosaur pjs...again

almost finished

a bridge for the gnome to walk

an itty bitty gnome
Molly joined in for a bit, but then while the bread dough was on it's second rise it seemed time to move on to a wood project started earlier in the week.  We had these wooden eggs from the local unfinished wood store with nothing special in mind.  After seeing some painted eggs on etsy and out there in blog land I had an idea.  We got out the wood burning tool (something new to our house that we are loving) and the water color paints, voila:
practicing with the tool

final touches

There seems to be a combo of Harry Potter and Hobbit influence here...loads of fun.

anyone else been up to any creating???


  1. Can't believe it forgot to comment yesterday...first of all - a red KitchenAid!! Jealous!
    You guys get up to so much crafty goodness! Corey did a great job with the needle felting and Molly's eggs are awesome!!
    I have got to try needle felting!

  2. Ah, just noticed "I <3 Pluto" - me, too! Feel bad for the poor little guy...

  3. Wow, I would love to get one of those wood burning tools!!! My son would have a ball with that for sure!! And the needle felting--we must try that too!

  4. I love the little needle-felted landscape... and a bridge for the tiny gnome! How sweet!


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