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Thursday, February 3, 2011

keeping little fingers warm

Just a quick post today as we are planning on venturing out past the snow banks to go to the library as well as a few other pit stops before basketball and gymnastics.  As you've heard me mention we've been playing lot's with our next door neighbors this week.  Lot's of snow=lot's of fun!  The big concern with their littlest who is just barely one has been keeping little mittens on her sweet little hands.  So yesterday after playing in the snow I made it my mission to come up with something that would suit her better.  After having finished all I can think is "where was I with these nifty ideas when my kids where this little?"  I was inspired recently by a blog I frequent often housefullofjays and her fantastic "rocket man" hat and dug into some recycled sweater wool.  
I cut out a basic and long mitten pattern and cut out two in fleece and in felted wool.  I should have done a whole tutorial, but at the time I was "winging it" as usual.  I have a feeling I'll make more and I will give more details then.
wool mittens lined with fleece

toggles at the wrist to adjust and keep on little hands

toggles at the top as well

threw in a hat to match this morning based on rocket man
 So there it is, what I'm hoping will be a great way to keep some really cute little fingers really warm.  We are giving them to her later today so maybe I'll get to find out soon!  
Enjoy your day.


  1. take pictures! I have to see them in action. LOL
    OH and would love a tutorial on these for slightly larger hands.. .say gymnast sized. ;)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much! You're so sweet, Angie! My google reader told me you had a new post and imagine my surprise when I saw it linked to me! You're great!
    And I love those mittens - the toggles are so smart, just what little hands need! I will be looking for a future tutorial for sure!

  3. And to think that we used to fasten mittens to the coat sleeves by wrapping duct tape around them at the wrist!

    Your way is much cuter.

  4. OOHHHH,, Eliot is going to be so excited to have warm fingers! No matter which other mitten I try, they either fall off, as you know, or just dont work. Thanks, Mama! We will be over soon with thank you cookies! Emily, Evelyn, and Eliot

  5. That looks so cozy! Love the hearts especially. Love the closures on the mittens, oh what technology since I grew up in snow and we used plastic bread bags under our boots to keep our feet dry!

  6. Appparently my prior comment did not post - but I would love to know if they worked as we have the same problem with Finn - I can't keep mittens on! I am impressed with your basic mitten pattern. Mine never come out that well! Any tips? I am felting an old sweater right now from the stash to give these a try.

  7. Sarah, they worked great she wore them yesterday! They are perfect for wee little hands! The toggles are key I think because you just make the mitten pattern flat and use them to hold it on. easy on and stay on! Trace a little mitten around his hand all the way to his elbow, then make the sides go strait down instead of angled. Good luck:)

  8. I made some for Finn and he did his first skiing this weekend - the mittens stayed on and his hands stayed warm... Thank you - and Mark thinks you are a genius! P.S. I love fondue parties too! We did that New Year's Eve with my brothers kids here for a sleep over.

  9. love the mittens!! the toggles are such a grand idea. i would have no idea how to go about that. i am kind of obsessed with wool sweaters and have been meaning to make some mittens. we have hit weather in the 60s this week though so my thoughts have turned toward the much anticipated spring!

    thanks for visiting my blog! ;)


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