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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finishing things up

I love starting a new project.  I find that I am often thinking up something to make, milling around an idea in my head while in the process of working on something completely different.  Herein lies the problem.  I love starting a new project, and yet somehow, finishing them can sometimes be a challenge.  It's not that I get bored with what I'm making, or dislike it somehow.  I just get excited to start something that's been cooking up in my head.  Or something one of the monkeys is begging me to do.  I have a beautiful sweater almost done for Corey made from his favorite malabrigo !  All that is left is the arms and I don't dare to even look at it for fear it will be too small before it's even finished.  As far as unfinished objects (or UFOs as some call them) my cup runith over.  knitting is probably the worst, but there are lots...take for example:
crocheted goodness
Not one but two crocheted baby jacket/shirt things from sock yarn.  The last one got me going I guess, this yarn is crazy zauberball purchased at my local yarn shop.  It's so fun I just had to give it a try.
Then of course is the lovely spring cardi I'm knitting up for my sweet neighbor's 3rd birthday next month.  The cool think about this pattern is I'm writing it myself.   Another kick I've been on lately.  I've tried it on her recently and can't wait to see it finished!
This my friends is a bucket-o-heads!  Disturbing as that sounds I have an overwhelming amount of dolls in the various stages of making for the etsy store.  I do love making the waldorf dolls and I'm proud to say that over the past 10 years I've gotten very good at it and sold many just through word of mouth.  Every few months (especially around the holidays) I get a call from someone I don't know saying "hi I got your number from so-and-so and I hear you make dolls".  It's very flattering I must say, and I'm always happy to make someone a custom doll, but I need to finish these babes so that they can be loved by someone.
the pond
the tree stump
 And of course there are the playmats.  I started making these felt sweeties (much larger) a few years ago and just this fall got the idea to make smaller ones that could be added together to make ones own little fairy/gnome/whathaveyou village.  These things are ready to go, I just keep thinking about finishing touches...
I did finally finish Molly's felt vest.  I got the great idea to needle felt around the edging from Michelle over at mainelyhome (thanks Michelle) and I'm quite happy with the results!
I'm sure that there is some amount of insecurity with finishing a project, it never seems quite good enough, or sometimes I find it hard to charge money for something I made (silly I know). Therefor  I am joining Erin over at Bluebirdbaby for a year of choice and I am choosing now today to begin the new project of finishing all of my UFOs.  I don't know how long it will take (or how long it will last) but I will try as I know I can.
I know I am not alone in this addiction to starting new things...what have you got started?


  1. The vest looks great. I can't believe I still havne't sent you the picture of my first vest where I did that edging. Its one of those stories where my photos are on the computer I'm not with. But, I WILL do it. Love all the projects. @mainelyhome

  2. So many great projects! I'm excited for this etsy shop - I may have to put in an order for a Waldorf doll - five children and we've never had one! You are so talented - wish I could swing by for some lessons!
    Love that spring cardi!

  3. Oh, and designing a pattern yourself - amazing!

  4. Love the way the edging turned out and that bin of heads is hilarious! Yay for getting projects done. I can not stand to have projects unfinished and I think this is precisely why I can not knit OR make dolls or do anything that can't be finished in a day. I'm more of an instant satisfaction creative. At least since I had kids anyway. In the old days I could work for ages on a project so someday I'll probably switch back. Your own knitting pattern? I swoon.

  5. I have been working on unfinished projects this year as my New Year's commitment, but can't seem to stop adding new projects.

    After reading this post I decided to renew my commitment to only focusing on UFO's, but got a baby shower invitation in that day's mail. How can I not knit for a sweet new baby?!

  6. Wendy you HAVE to knit for a new baby...it's the law

  7. OK I heard through the grapevine (well, from Amy) that you made dolls and the box of heads proves it!! too funny :) I am DEFINITELY coming to you to buy a custom made doll when Claire is old enough! I can't think of anything better!!


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