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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I'm lovin' right now

Life is good.  The house may need some cleaning, there is laundry to fold, dogs to walk, bread to bake, projects to finish (both crafty and much bigger house projects), but life is good.  My family is amazing and I am thankful.  We have some great friends and neighbors, for this I am thankful.  Amidst all the chaos, bills, work and general business that most of us deal with there is this wonderful foundation of love, caring and support.  Spring will come (after at least one more good snow storm), our garden will be plentiful, the sun will feel warm on my face and the mood will shift from snuggling next to the wood stove to planting and longer days before we know it.  A new baby will be born to my baby brother and his wife, for this I am beyond joyous!  So life is good, I am smiling this morning as I think about things that I love, nothing special, just some things I'm lovin' right now...

Like this sweet picture of baby Molly I came across recently...how is it that she has grown so fast right before my eyes???
early 2001
I love this diagram of a garden gnome...I don't even know which child drew it (according to the picture it was Arthur Weasley) but come on...this is cute, so cute I had to hand it up in the kitchen.
I love this breathtaking colorway from one of my favorite yarns malabrigo   it's called Indiecita and it is so yummy!
Then there is this luscious pile of fabric that I've been looking at all week just begging me to be creative.

I love how sweet my babies are when they sleep...then,
and now...

other things I'm lovin' on right now...milk paint (I want to paint everything with it), and this cinnamon-raisin bread recipe (I use half whole wheat flour).
Getting lost in blog land is a blast (even when I get nothing done) there are so many creative people out there sharing their ideas and lives with the world.
I guess that's enough for today:)  Enjoy your day and find something to be lovin' on right now.


  1. That picture of the two of them was the day before we moved into the house! I haven't seen it in years. Thanks for the smile babe.

  2. you are an amazing mama and woman.

    thank you for sharing some of the "things you love" - it made me reflect, smile, and be thankful as well.

    keep on.

  3. oh, and my money is on Molly for the Gnome...

  4. great post!
    Oh heavens I love that gnome diagram! Ollie Winter has been doing diagrams very similar to this lately!
    And malabrigo is one of my absolute favorites as well- that colorway is gorgeous.

  5. Thank you so much for your nice comment :)

  6. Well done, Arthur Weasley! Such a sweet gnome - love the pimple!

    I've been looking for malabrigo - my LYS stopped carrying it, sad day. It is lovely! - As are those sleeping babes.

  7. I love that gnome too! and the yarn and sleepy babes are both lovely!

  8. I love your then and now sleeping kiddo pics. Very sweet and so necessary to have!


  9. Gnome diagram! And those sleeping kids photos are just darling.

  10. i've never tried malabrigo before but it looks so luscious that i think i'd better. i love those sleeping photos. they're so sweet.


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