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Monday, April 18, 2011

little bits of love

This was another work weekend for me which often means I see my sweet family very little.  While this makes me sad I do love my job and feel fortunate what I do when away is so amazing, special and profound.  I mean if you are going to have to work and be away from loved ones I can't think of anything much better than helping new babes into the world.  I saw some amazing moms over the weekend and feel humbled by each of them and their strength and determination.
I also love that when they are without me and sometimes their dad, did I mention Greg had a gig over the weekend too!  They are still having fun, they are happy and secure.
There was a gymnastics meet to attend:
Poor Greg and Molly put in a lot of driving for this one.  Normally we stay the night, but when there is a gig at home and mom is at work you drive....
Corey spent the night with my aunt and uncle (he finds meets a little long sometimes) who he adores.  They went the driving range, played games and ate lots of ice cream.
And finally there was a much needed visit with grandpa yesterday that included sushi, a movie and a trip to the Narrow Gauge railroad.

I feel so fortunate this morning!  Here are some more little bits of love I'm feeling right now:

I've been coveting this skirt for a while and am seriously thinking about treating myself.
The kids and I have got to make these, seriously cute.
I love this this song and get a little giddy every time I hear it.
This guy takes some beautiful pictures.
Think the kids and I will go here today (it's my birthday so an adventure is a must).
And since we're heading that way and it IS my birthday we may have to stop here.
Enjoy your day and any little bits of love you find.


  1. Happy Birthday baby. I just bought you that skirt :)

  2. awww...so sweet of your man. I clicked the link and saw it was sold out. Lucky mama.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend and a fun birthday. Enjoy!

  4. It sounds like your family had a wonderfully full weekend. Happy birthday to you my Maine friend. Wish I was there to eat sushi with you [my weakness]. You have to model the skirt when it arrives-such a sweet husband. Eat lots of cake!

  5. Happy Birthday, sweet sistah! Hope you have a TERRIFIC day!!! Love, Anne xoxoxo

  6. Happy happy happy birthday to you, dear sweet Angie!!!

    I hope your day is perfectly lovely - full of adventuring, fabric shopping and ice cream with your special people!
    Love, R

  7. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Angie. Glad you have been treated to the skirt! Looks like a lovely day out you have planned for your birthday. Looks like there are so many lovely places to visit around your area (both natural and fabric related!!). Molly looks quite the professional gymnast. Happy days, Jacinta


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