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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Lovely Little Walk

We are so fortunate to live in this area abound with ocean, woods and mountains.  We try to explore as much as we can and discover new things near our home.  This cave Corey is sure must be a dragon cave, and for that reason opted not go inside.  The woods in spring are so full of surprises lots of little streams and brooks that will be soon gone as the sun dries them up.  This was a lovely walk much needed by all of us (dogs included).  It's amazing to me that we all seem to take a deep breath after a bit of time out in nature and can feel just a bit more whole. 


  1. Love your new header!
    I wish we had caves around here...I would to have a dragon cave or maybe fairies?!

  2. This just looks so lovely! And the new banner looks terrific, Angie!

  3. Thanks for the lovely wonder around your woods! We are very blessed where we live too. Lots of lovely things to see and do in nature. I love the new banner too. Jacinta


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