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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Shift

Right now Greg and the kids are off with the dogs and I am alone in the house.  It is quiet except for the the birds that are chirping like crazy as spring is in full swing.  As I sit here reading through some of my favorite blogs and enjoying a little mama time I can't help but smile as I know that "the shift" has happened.  The shift that happens every year when the weather gets warmer and we spend more and more time outside.  Not that we aren't outside in the winter, but it's different, there is much effort involved with going out in the winter.  In the warm weather the door is open and people and dogs come and go throughout the day. 
There was a walk with our oh-so-sweet friends that involved some playing  Three Billy Goats Gruff:

"who's that stomping across my bridge"

Clearly this little goat was not scared of the Molly Troll.  There was also a fairy house to be built.  It seems only yesterday that my two were the wee little ones looking up to the "big kids", turns out now they ARE the big kids...
building plans

hard working little helper

looking good 

 There was much frolicking about:

There was also time today to start getting the beds ready for planting and the kids were eager to help, though as I was snapping photos Molly asked "can you please not take picture of me gardening and post them all over your blog?" I had to respect that, the boy of course...he doesn't seem to mind:

Of course there is always time for a swim no matter what the weather when you are Tucker:
So there you have it.  The shift, when we start spending more time outside than in...I personally am looking forward to some knitting on the porch swing.  How's the weather in your area?


  1. We had rain this morning that brought in cooler weather-yah! After Saturday's 93 I know I am not ready for summer tempts. I'll take the high 70's any day.

  2. Beautiful!! I love when we are outside so much! The kids seem to squeal louder and smile bigger and also go to bed earlier haha!

  3. I love the fairy house. We have them scattered around our yard. The little bridge is so quaint. Enjoy the shift in weather. Ours has shifted too, although it wasn't great to start with! Oh well, at least we can have the open fire going in the evenings. That seems to make up for cold and wet days. Jacinta

  4. That is one sweet little house. If I were a fairy, I'd move right in! The shift you speak of...I find myself sniffing the air in the morning, anticipating the shift.
    xo Jules

  5. Oh, I know!, isn't it lovely? Though we've had much cold (lower 40's), today says sixty but with rain... perfect for patio play!

  6. What a fun bridge to have nearby! And that fairy house is too cute!


  7. Yay Spring!!!! Great pics, Ange. I am so excited for another summer here next to you guys. Thanks for posting these!

  8. Molly's comment made me laugh. I get glares while taking pictures sometimes and I have to preface with, "I won't put it on my blog." Liam, though, runs up telling me to take weird pics of him to post...We were beginning to shift...now we are shifting back to winter boots and snow pants - a foot of snow overnight!


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