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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

yarn Along

I'm joining Ginny over at smallthings for another yarn along.  It's such fun and I haven't been joining in because I've got so many different things going on in the craft world.  But here it is.  I've been reading this hysterical handyman's book I picked up at the hospital booksale for $1.  It's copywrited 1962 and it actually has some useful info (though honestly I just love the pictures).
I mean the way the woman is looking up at her hard working pipe smoking man is enough to keep me laughing for hours!
As for the needles, I've started on what I THINK will be a little cardigan for Molly, I got this Araucania yarn that she is in love with.  It's alpaca, merino and silk (so yummy).  The best news is that I got it on closeout at Halcyon yarn.  I'm so lucky to have this place in the same town I live in!  walking in the front door just makes you smile.  I've been playing with knitting patterns recently so I'm sure there will be more posts about this sweater as it progresses. 
Behind the book is another one of the sweet little crochet jacket that works up in a few hours (love that instant gratification!) It's a lovely yarn that was handspun by one of the flower girls from my wedding!  How cool is that?  It's a gift for a friend who knows she's having a girl.
thanks to Ginny for hosting this fun little knitting group.


  1. I am so jealous you have such a beautiful yarn store near you!!! Drool!!! Both the jacket and sweater look so soft and lovely :). I think the instant gratification is one of the things I absolutely love about crocheting for sure!!

  2. How wonderful that your once flower girl now spins you yarn! I love the book. I grab up old books like that at the thrift store when I find them because I too just love the illustrations. :) Thank you for saying I could ask you waldorf doll making questions. You may have just opened a can of worms. :) But feeling supported, I aim to get going on it after Easter. It's nice to "meet" you through Melanie's blog. :)

  3. I love the little jacket and wish I had a reason to knit for a baby.
    You are right, the cover of that book is too funny. A pipe in his mouth? My, how times have changed.
    Have a wonderful day filled with peace.

  4. hahaha, what a great picture!
    The wool for Molly's sounds dreamy!! Looking good, Angie!

  5. I love the little jacket, K will be so pleased!

    Can't wait to see how Molly's cardigan works up, too!


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