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Saturday, April 23, 2011

wonderful imagine childhood giveaway!

Wow, Just had to post about this super give away over at imaginechildhood !  Such a fantastic give away, honestly I'm hoping I win because my little nature kiddos will simply love it all.
I think I'll get some of these nature study cards  if we don't win the give away.  They seem perfect to keep in the backpack while we're off adventuring in the Maine woods, mountains or on the ocean. We're stuck inside today with some pretty cold rain, but I still feel spring in the air and look forward to many outside adventures in the coming months. 
The kids seeds are beginning to sprout:

I can't wait for lettuce and greens from the garden.  Not to mention bright flowers everywhere, I cleaned up the front perenial beds yesterday and was thrilled to see all that is starting to come up already.

The emotional changes that I have spoken of with the change of seasons are in full swing and I welcome them with a deep breath and warm smile.  Enjoy your weekend, may you breath in deep spring feelings of joy.


  1. I'm so eager for my little lettuce plants to grow, too. I just love watching things pop out of the ground this time of yr. Never gets old!

  2. Yesterday much of my day was spent thinking (and feeling) "Oh, I can breathe!". :)


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