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Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs of Spring

I feel like I can finally start letting myself get excited, spring has sprung!  Even the down pour we had last night and through much of this morning was warm and felt good and new.  I cherish the emotional sense of change that comes with the seasons living in New England.   However, as winter comes to an end it's easy to get discouraged and down.  We are teased with lovely warm days only to be then reminded that winter is not over as we get another foot of snow.  I do think that now I can safely say the warmer weather is beginning.  As I walk around the outside of the house inspecting all that needs to be done I see it all.
Crocuses are popping up everywhere, I do love these little guys...
especially the purple ones.
These tulips were planted on Molly's 4th birthday, it was a bulb planting party, what a great way to celebrate a fall birthday!
I found these out back a few years ago in an overgrown little area and transplanted them.  They've  done amazing in their new spot and I think this year I may need to divide them!
Buds on the lilacs always make me smile...the painfully obvious fact that it's time to re-paint, not so much.
A happy pup who can't get enough ball in the sun.
And finally, one of these:
What spring in Maine wouldn't be complete without a good spring cold!  We've gone through lot's of tissues this weekend, but the warmer weather is here, soon the ground will be ready to work, and we are happy!


  1. Haha, I am just writing you an email...and it is taking forever with the many interruptions that have been bursting on me. So I am taking a break to visit.
    I love your beautiful crocuses! So lovely. I thought I spied a little green sprouting up here today but is has a long way to go yet. Looks like your spring has sprung!
    Big hugs to Molly! Hope she's better soon. Is everyone sniffling?

  2. How pretty your crocuses are and tulips coming up-oh my! So glad to hear that you have spring were you are. I do hope your daughter feels better soon, spring colds are the pits.

  3. Woof! Woof! YES Spring is finally here ... we did some Yard Work this weekend n saw some Spring flowers. Golden Healing Thoughts to your daughter. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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