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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Garden Notes

I find by this time of year I am making lots of mental notes of what to do different or the same next year in the garden.  The big difference this year I think will be to write actual physical notes so that next year I remember.  I've decided we can add it right into our homeschooling curriculum, after all there is much to be learned each year and season from ones garden.
Next year I hope to get over my guilt of thinning.  I just can't decide which is the stronger plant and pull other "weaker" ones.  I think they all worked hard and should be given a fair chance...
However, when the beans are so heavy they are toppling over their tee pees and I can't even see the beans to pick something tells me I should at least "try" thinning some time.
Next year I WILL do a late summer planting of carrots so that we have them long into the autumn.
 Some things will not change, we'll always let the rogue pumpkin grow wild down the flower garden path.
 Just in case we get a pumpkin!
I will use these tomato trellises again next year, but I will be a little more aggressive with pruning.

It's really been a great year for our garden with still more to come!  How's your garden?


  1. I am quite envious of your garden. We had to leave our at our old house, but we are planning a small Autumn one right now. Great job!

  2. Mm mmm, those purple beans look great. Only two or three of our purple bean plants came up so we've been sharing the few beans we got from them between 7 of us. ;)

    Your garden just looks fantastic. You're inspiring me to take a trip round the garden with my camera.

  3. oooooooooo i hate thinning! i so hate to pull those magical little plants out that our family has watched grow, there has to be a better way :)
    and yes, those purple beans look amazingly good!


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