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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Love

So many things to be grateful for and lots of things I'm loving right now.
 Like long dirt roads in Northern Maine.

Making Rachel's German Pancake
and watching it disappear!
Twig buttons made by Miss Molly and myself.
Beginning school again,
and seeing how methodically placed the children's supplies for a science experiment are.
A quiet morning cup of coffee before everyone else comes down stairs...
 All the uses that these wonderful branch hooks from Vermont Branch Company.

Inspiration all around me!
And how much Tucker loves a fresh carrot from the garden!

I am feeling truly blessed this morning by all that is around me.  Hope that you are feeling the same...


  1. I thought our dog was the only one who begs for carrots. :) I am drooling over your fabric stash, and I've been eyeing those branch hooks from Tanya's company long enough!

  2. I was already impressed just with that gorgeous main road, but you saved the best for last! Who could resist that carrot-chomping dog! :)

  3. lovelovelove this post.
    You had me at hello with the long dirt road and then it just kept getting better after that! That branch hook is simply lovely, by the way.

  4. What a beautiful post full of gratitude and joy, I loved it! The twig buttons are awesome, as is the sweater, and Rachel's german cake! I can almost smell it!! ANd what cool science experiment were you working on?!
    xx oo

  5. Ha! I just read this post while eating a fresh garden carrot! I'm with Tucker!

    So glad you are enjoying that recipe! You keep giving me a hankering for it...hmm...weekend breakfast, I think.

    When are we going to see some of those buttons in the shop? Tell Molly I'll be her first button customer!

  6. Oh, nice fabric stash. I have some of the same in mine. A carrot eating dog, cute. Jacinta

  7. Whenever we see a road like that, over here, it usually dates back to Roman times. They must have bulldozed straight through! What a great thankful list.

  8. this is beautiful- you have much to be thankful for! <3

  9. Hello to a fellow Maine blogger! Just wanted to say how much I love those buttons!


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