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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Magic of a Fire

This past weekend was a work weekend for me, which of course means I spend most of my time at the hospital seeing those lovely new babies come into the world, and then at home I mostly sleep.
Last evening when I came home to chill in the air (which can only mean fall is just around the corner) we had a fire in the beautiful fire pit that Greg built over the summer.
I must say that I was feeling very rushed...I wanted to get dinner finished for my family.  The kids were running around playing with dirty feet (oh no!) and Greg was busy "playing" with his fire.  Very frustrating, still in my scrubs I must have said (maybe even yelled) "dinner is ready" and "wash up for dinner" 10 times before everyone listened.
Everyone rushed through dinner and I got s'more fixings ready while the kids invited a couple friends.  Funny but still I'm feeling rushed.  " Does everyone have a stick?"  "Don't let the dogs get the chocolate!" "Don't poke yourself in the eye!"  "Don't poke your friends in the eye!"  "oh no you have marshmallow all over you!"
This whole time Greg has just been smiling, laughing, dancing even...while roasting marshmallows (he IS the master) and keeping chocolate warm on a graham cracker near the fire.
It wasn't until I noticed the beauty of the moon through the trees that I started to slow down and see all the beauty that was happening around me. I sat down beside that pesky husband of mine, and with his arm around me listened to children (full of s'mores) playing off in the distance.  "I love the magic of this fire" he said.  "Makes me feel like we're at camp".
He was so right!  The fire was mesmorizing...I suddenly felt so relaxed and happy.  What a wonderful way to end my hectic weekend.
Thank you sweet Greg for so subtly reminding me to relax and enjoy this life we have.


  1. It was the highlight of the weekend for sure :)

  2. So wonderful! I've got a hubby who's good at those sort of reminders. Glad your weekend ended so sweetly...my kiddos (and me) wish they could have been there, too! ;)

  3. I love a fire too and can't wait for cooler weather to have a few s'mores here!

  4. the moon is so pretty!!!!!

  5. yes! I just posted about our fire pit too from last night- we were hanging out with the full moon and talked about how relaxing - like camping- fire pits are!
    I love how confident you are in your husband's master abilities on roasting marshmallows! I try to just smile and nod when my husband gives me the "real way to do it" instructions. Honestly, I like to just light mine on fire, slap it on the graham cracker & chocolate and call it good : )

  6. I know what you mean about the fire!

  7. What special moments you had Angie!! It's wonderful how the outdoors, along with the happy presence of your loved ones, helped you remember to slow down and enjoy :). Your firepit is absolutely awesome!!
    xx oo

  8. I love bon fires! We're a huge fan of them here. :)

  9. I agree, fire is magic. It has a way of transfixing us. I hope you have many more relaxing evenings spent around your fire pit. Jacinta

  10. Nothing beats roasting wieners and mush mellows at a bone fire.


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