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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yarn Along

Again the week I'm excited to be joining in on the yarn along.
On the knitting end I've been busy finishing hats for the kids.  This pattern is great, simple and fast on size 9 needles!  I especially love that the ear flaps are double knit to keep them good and cozy.  I will be making more for sure.  I was planning on moving on to mittens next, but I happened to see the latest petite purls and my oh my  I'm in love.  I got started on the tummy warmer vest for my gorgeous little baby niece Charlotte in a lovely Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino burnt orange for fall.  I'm also making one for a new niece/nephew on the way over in Vermont (so exciting).
 As for reading I'm working through The Quarter Acre Farm, it's a fun book, sort of a memoir of this woman's crusade to live off her little piece of land.  I'm enjoying it.  I also read Made from Scratch last week.  Honestly I didn't enjoy this one as much.  It was cute, but I had a bit of a harder time relating to the writer. 
I've also been thumbing through How to be an Explorer of the World.  I picked this up for the kids, has anyone used this book?  I'd love to hear thoughts.

As always thanks to Ginny for hosting.


  1. Oh, I have so been wanting to make ear-flap hats for my kids! Thanks for sharing!! Yours are turning out adorable!

  2. I love those hats! Rachel from House Full of Jays pointed me in your direction to see them & I think I might use that pattern for my children's winter hats this year… xo

  3. One of my son's wants a hat with earflaps! I have really got to learn to knit faster so I can make all the items I have on my list.

  4. my guy wants an ear flap hat...must make this! thanks for the link :)

  5. The hats are gorgeous! I love the colors and I bet the flaps make them perfect!!

  6. What a cute vest! Your post has me thinking of snuggling in warmth on cold winter days :-)

  7. Those books and patterns look really interesting.
    I love the finished hats they are so cosy and colourful!
    Thanks for passing on the inspiration!

  8. Love that orange :)
    Sometimes we need something small to get satisfaction for completing a project. I have just been browsing Playful Learning and I had bought it because of Amazon and later on saw it on the blogs it's worth it. I really like it and it's worth the investment.

  9. I adore those hats! And the baby cashmerino is such a beautiful wool!

  10. Thanks for the link to the hats Angie!!! I would love to make one!!! And the book sounds fantastic. Keri Smith has always intrigued me with her wreck this book series. I cannot imagine defacing a book but I guess that's the point, to stretch beyond our limits and comfort zone. Great reviews! i might just get wreck this journal now anyway, just to see if I can do it :). Please let us know what you think of how to be an explorer of the world! (love that title).
    PS. I wanted to ask you, should we visit Portland Maine? We hear so many good things about it, but the cold kind of scares me :). I know, I am a wuss after living in FL for so long!


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