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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

yarn Along

Oh that chill is in the air.  Our days are gorgeous, we wear shorts/skirts and short sleeves, but in the evening or early morning it is there...which of course puts me in the mood to knit.  This week I've started thinking about hats and mittens that we'll soon need for early morning nature walks long before the snow flies.
Last night I started the ear flaps for this hat.  I love that the ears are double knit for extra warmth just where you need it.  I'm using a bunch of different colors of malabrigo worsted from my stash.  This stuff is so soft and yummy...great for warm winter hats and mittens. The first color combo I'm doing for Miss Molly is orange, pink and purple...yup we get a little nutty around here sometimes, but she'll wear it with pride and her ears will be warm.  The cover mittens on  this book are pretty much a go to for me.  They are pretty fast and fairly easy, the color work is small and simple enough that I can do it!  I'll use crazy color combos as I've done in the past, and I usually have the mittens mismatched...more fun that way.
That's it, no other reading right now...just too busy with school and teaching a child birth class.

What are you knitting?

Joining Ginny's wonderful yarn along again this week.  Thanks for hosting.


  1. Loving those bright colors! I have been wanting to make an ear flat hat for my 3 year-year-old son, so thanks for the link! What kind of child birth method do you teach?

  2. Oh, I would love to knit some hats with ear flaps....
    The colors are great.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. I love malabrigo in any color! You are right it is super soft.

  4. Downloaded and saved that hat pattern - thanks for sharing...I need to knit more hats, right?? It will just fuel Dan's amusement over my hat obsession. All that beautiful Malabrigo - my LYS doesn't sell it so I'm going to have to look further...
    (No package yet - I'm waiting - feels like Christmas!!)

  5. Those are some really cute hats. I love the color choices!

  6. I love you colour combinations!
    What sweet hats!

  7. Angie, thank you so very much for the hat pattern link. One of my guy's wants a hat with ear flaps [which aren't common here] so now I can get started. I am drooling over all your pretty yarn! xx

  8. Ah, Malabrigo... never can go wrong with that!


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