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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Music is a huge part of life in our family.  When we aren't listening to it live we are usually listening to an iPod or MOG.  The ease of listening to music today is wonderful.  Both kids can find exactly what the want to hear with a few taps on computer keys or an iPod dock.    Amazing that this is really all they've ever known besides the "real stuff".

Recently Corey has been asking about the records in our attic storage space.  Greg has many cases of albums that he has collected over the years.  A few times we've discussed getting rid of these things as they take up so much space and we have all the modern technology to listen to anything.  However in the end we always end up keeping them...

Today I'm truly glad we did.  We recently purchased a turn table and the boy has been anxiously waiting for it to arrive.  So last night when Greg got home from the recording studio he showed the kids how to use this ancient machine and how to properly handle and care for a record.  I found Corey at 7:00 this morning listening to Glass Houses (when was the last time you listened to that album?).  He and Greg had such fun looking through albums and trying to pick which to listen to first.  He's had a crazy mix this morning going from Billy Joel to The Clash, The Who, Harry Nilsson and Cat Stevens to name a few.

It looks as though today's homeschool focus will be on music appreciation.


  1. I want to take part in today's home school project. Make them write about it. Mog seems boring this morning, sigh.

  2. Corey's air guitar in that one of me sifting through the records is an awesome moment.

  3. I so wish you were here honey!

  4. i have kept my albums too from over the years.. and i can not imagine ridding myself of them..even though to many vinyl is obsolete.. my 45's of prince, crowded house, hooters and of course duran are pieces of my history that can't be forgotten.. and shouldn't be.. so glad you are able to share these things with the kiddos.. it's amazing how much they miss with todays technology..

  5. I love it!
    a few months ago we had a garage sale and I put my turn table in it- but all morning I kept increasing the price on the tag until finally my husband said, "sweetie, we can keep it."
    even I didn't know how attached I was until I saw strangers looking it over during the sale.
    I'm glad it's back home : )

  6. awesome!!--this is history and culture, and technology, and the arts!! my favorite kind of homeschooling :)

    xx oo


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