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Thursday, September 22, 2011


hats to keep ears warm as the cooler weather hits
a birthday apron for a special friend
a jumper
It seems crazy that it's been a week since I posted in this space, but as you can clearly see we have been quite busy.
What have you been making?


  1. I have the same apple peeler. Aren't they fun. My kids often ask for twirly swirly apples. Makes for light work of apples that's for sure.
    I love that you are enjoying the apple tree bounty while every morning I wake up and look out at our apple tree outside our bedroom window and see new leaves appearing every day. Bends my mind a bit!
    Looks like lots of other fun things have been happening around your place too. Molly looks like she has really shot up. Jacinta x

  2. You have been busy Angie! I have never made yogurt in the oven, I use a crock pot, was it easy? I like that you can make so much. Like Jacinta, I have the same apple peeler too. My guy's love turning the handle so I never have to.
    Have a beautiful fall weekend. xx

  3. Wow! I'm worn out just looking at your efforts. It's been pouring rain here and somehow that just makes me want to knit...and only knit. (I did finish a Christmas stocking for the new rescue dog, though.)

  4. What a nice, simple post. Making...lovely.

  5. that applesauce looks great! think i'm going to try and get some sewing done this weekend.

  6. My gosh have you been busy! It is all so pretty. You are inspiring me! Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love this post! We should all make more time for all the different varieties of "making."

  8. Oh I love it all! Mmm, how's the yogurt? It's time I started making my own...

  9. You've been a busy lady! I've never tried to make yogurt before... is it very easy?


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