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Monday, January 30, 2012

Down by the River

We had a relaxing weekend around here.  We've all been so busy that it was much needed I can assure you.  There was an early morning basketball game on Saturday and then some serious tidying and cleaning that went on at this house (much needed).
The highlight of this relaxing weekend was of course gathering with friends for a simple afternoon of nothingness.  The big boys shot some hoops while the mamas did some knitting and the we all took a lovely walk to the river.
 Corey has named this little spot we love Goose Cove.  You can barely see them as they are swimming away, but there are often many geese hence Corey's clever naming. 
 The whole family enjoys a trip down here, it's literally down the hill so we can go quite frequently.  The area is tidal as it is shortly before the river dumps into the Atlantic Ocean, so as you can imagine every trip is always a bit different.  The kids love when the tide is coming in because the river is "flowing backward".
 The littlest of folks stayed close to their mama,
or got a ride on the back of another grown up.
 The big boys did a bit more free roaming, Corey has been excited to share this little spot with these friends for a while now...it was a walk worth taking for sure.
 The bond that these two boys have in spite of a 5 year age difference is wonderful and growing every day.  Just looking at the pictures as I post makes me smile and my heart feels full.  After all I've know his mama longer than I've known my own husband!  Imagine how it makes both mamas feel to see the littles having such fun together!

I realize I could have told this story with far fewer pictures, but it was hard to chose.  We are off to start some decimal division and review.  Hope that your weekend was full and wonderful!


  1. Angie, I am glad you had all the pictures, it is a beautiful spot! What a great bond for Corey to have with the other little guy. One of my son's has a friend that is about 5 years older, they have been friends for a lifetime!

    1. So great Tracey, I'm sure this relationship will last just as long!

  2. Lovely photos, Angie!
    Hearing about that growing friendship made me glad. Such a beautiful thing - and very special for the mama's as well!

  3. I enjoyed these pictures so much, each and every one of them :)
    What a perfectly peaceful spot!
    I had to smile at the bond you mention between the two boys. My eldest and second daughter have a five year age gap, the younger one looks up to her sister so much and of course my eldest loves that :)

  4. Such a beautiful weekend and I love the name of the cove-perfect!! Looks like you will have many more memories to come from this special spot!


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