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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining in with the Yarn Along this week.
Haven't made much progress on the hourglass as I've been quite busy with a few projects to send off to Vermont for a newest niece or nephew to be born very soon!  So I thought I'd show you that sweetness all finished up.  the vest is Milo and I'm in love!  Wow, I've seen this vest around the Internet for a while, now only wish I found it when my two were smaller.  It's so simple and fast, and I love all the different cable choices.  I also made these little cable booties from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies.  Sort of forgot that I owned this lovely little book.  The yarn for both is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby, one of my personal favorites for baby knits, so soft and yummy...and best of all it's washable!
Haven't done much reading this week.  The bread book I mentioned last week is great, a sandwich loaf is rising right now, we've had fresh baked bread every day!  We haven't tried anything crazy yet, just the master recipe, but it's been super.  I've also been re-reading Simplicity Parenting, specifically the chapter on Soul Fever.  I read/listened to this post and thought maybe a re-read would be good to see if I could apply anything to the struggle we sometimes have around here with a certain 11 year old girl and the hormones that are swirling around.  So far, just a friendly reminder:)

Thanks to Ginny for hosting, looking forward to seeing what others have been up to.


  1. Oh Angie, that is some wonderful baby sweetness! They are just beautiful!
    PS- will have you an email by this weekend, I haven't forgotten. :)

  2. Oh your set is adorable! And so very tiny :)

  3. Aw, so cute! Love the vest, the cable looks fab :)

  4. Those are very sweet. Lucky baby!

  5. I wish it were simple and fast for me to make something like that! I suck :-( I quit knitting because we don't need warm stuff here in Texas much but I suppose that vest wouldn't be too warm. Maybe I'll take some lessons...getting frustrated by myself with YouTube.

  6. I kind of miss the children being so small. So quick to knit up something for babies. Your set looks gorgeous.

  7. Oh! How sweet they are! I've admired the Milo vest for a while but haven't tried it.
    I'm glad to hear the bread is working for you! I'm baking bread like crazy these days!
    (Aren't Kathy's vlogs great? I haven't watched that one yet - I'll have to check it out.)

  8. oh so adorable! i just love that set. and i love that book too. i want to make everything in it.

    good luck with your girl, it does get eaiser. :)


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