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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lab Partners

One of my favorite things about home schooling is just sitting back and watching them work together.  I mean sure they get on each other's nerves, they squabble, but when push comes to shove they love each other and even have fun together!
I know I've mentioned Real Science 4 Kids in previous posts, we are currently using their Chemistry program and it's great.  The price is right, I ordered the digital copy and can print off as many as I need (unlimited home school licence) or just use the computer and save paper.  The middle grades (5-8) is what we are using, the reading is great and the lab experiments are fun and use mostly household items.  Their website has so much to offer including on line classes, clubs and science experiments.  We haven't done any of those and probably won't but we will continue next to Biology and then physics for sure.
It's so great to watch them having fun together while they are learning!  There is some sort of satisfaction as a parent.
This chapter was about chemical reactions, what a blast.  Corey really enjoys the whole concept, I think Molly just enjoys making a mess, but I'll take it.  Her lab notes are precise and she clearly understands what is happening and why.
It's nice to have something fun to mix in with our recent history discussions I posted about here.  We definitely need these reasons to smile to offset the sad realizations we have some days.

I can imagine them as adults talking about their "lab experiments" as children together.

disclaimer: just for the record, I am NOT advertising or getting any kickback from this company, it just so happens that I've found something I like and wanted to share:)


  1. I am really enjoying your homeschool postings. It is inspiring me!

  2. They will Angie, they will! My children are each other's best friends and they all talk daily. Often my kid's will talk about things they use to do for school and it makes this Mamma's heart swell.

  3. Way to go on the experimenting! We are using Real Science 4 Kids with my teen, and she HATES experiments. So far, I have not pushed her. I am beginning to wish I had, however. They look like they are having fun!

  4. It looks wonderful! I just ordered a new science program - I'm hoping it will help me get over the fear of "science mess". It is so much fun!

  5. We gave our six year old a "Science Kit" for Christmas...he loves it. The other day I cleaned the bones from our chicken dinner and he loved studying them. Also, the old vinegar and baking soda trick is endlessly entertaining! Great way to learn!

  6. PS. A book I love as a teacher and a parent is "Science Is"...tons of great experiments using everyday materials...


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