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Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

Welcome 2012! I love the idea that a new year brings new promise, new hope, a fresh "start" on things so to say.  This week marks 1 year that we have been homeschooling and I have been blogging and what a lovely year it was!  Our family has taken well to homeschooling, we are still ironing out a few kinks and figuring out things as we go, but honestly I like it that way.
We've started 2012 with a fresh outlook and some new ideas.
 Of course we had to start the New Year with Rachel's German pancake it's become quite a staple around here with what ever fruit I have in the freezer.  We drizzle ours with maple syrup and all are fully in bliss.
 One of my goals for this year is to really focus on making our house a home.  I discussed this concept a while back in this post and honestly haven't followed through.  This year I have a goal of doing some simple little things to make the clutter a bit more organized and in the process make our house,  forever or not, our home while we are here.
 I made these little bins to hang in our front hall so that everyone could keep track of their belongings.  Our front hall is a place of exposed sheet rock and old wallpaper that has yet to be "finished".  Instead of dreaming of what it will look like when it's done I spent an afternoon making what we have a bit nicer, a bit more functional and in the process made the whole family just a bit happier.

There hasn't been any snow that has stayed for long yet this year, but we've still been trying to get outside and enjoy all that is around us.  We have our sweet little friends over as much as we can, it's fantastic to hang out with these littler people, they really force you to slow down and enjoy the tiniest of things.  I have found as of late it hard to slow down, between homeschooling, birthdays, the holidays, work, craft-fairs and such we have been so unbelievably busy.  Taking time to get outside as a family is so peaceful and reminds me of all that I am grateful for.
Here's to looking forward to year filled with adventure, crafts, love and inspiration.


  1. Happiest of new year's Angie.
    Those baskets you made for your foyer are just great, not only practical,but cute too. Great job.

  2. Oh yeah, I feel so special that one of our staples has become one of your staples. :)

    I love your thoughts on making your house a home. For years we've said we won't be in this place for the next (Christmas, spring, winter) but here we remain. We've finally tackled some of the projects we thought we'd leave and trying our best to enjoy this space while it's ours.

    I love your little caddies. I foresee a use for MANY of those! And how I wish my little people could join your (not-so) little people.

  3. those baskets are a great idea!
    (thats the second time today i have seen German pancakes - i am going to have to give it a go!)

  4. The bins are awesome Angie. And I have loved getting to "know" you in this space this last year! Cheers to another year of blogging, homeschooling, and making home! And your woods are gorgeous btw, love that bridge!
    Happy new year!


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