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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out and About

The weather has been so crazy lately around here (as it always is in Northern New England who am I kidding).  We've had fires in the wood stove, wool hats on and really felt the chill of winter in the air.  We've also had 80 degree days that require shorts and lots of water.  But there has been no shortage of fun and beauty either way and we are grateful.
Grateful for hand-knit hats, old civil war forts, great music, long walks with the dogs, rivers and oceans at our doorstep, bonfires and the love and kindness of family and friends.  How lucky we are.

The kids and I are off to see friends in New Hampshire and will return Monday evening with more adventures to share I'm sure.  There will be laughter, good food, lots of mama crafting Oh I just can't wait to get there!
  I'm getting busy with the hand made holiday this year, big plans and hoping to join in with Tonya pretty regularly, see you there.


  1. The pictures are great! I hope you all have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear all about it! xx

  2. Loving your photos. Molly's hat is darling. Enjoy your adventures in New Hampshire. Jacinta x

  3. I keep on looking at our wood stove in the evening, but its just not time yet in the south of the UK. Love the photos. Hope you have a good trip.

  4. Hello,
    Found my way from 'Bluebirdbaby'.
    I have been enjoying your words and pictures. Although I like were we live, I always try to imagine how it's elsewhere. New England sounds very far away, which it is, I suppose. And New Hampshire makes me think of John Irving.
    Hope you're having a great time.
    Lilli, in Norway


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