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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yarn Along

This week for the yarn along I've pulled out some unfinished objects that need to be dealt with.  This has nothing to do with my frustration for having to pull out that pesky vest again I assure you (wink wink).
First this is the gorgeous yet long forgotten sweater I started for Corey probably 3 years ago!  It's the Children's tunic from Knitting Pure and Simple.  If you haven't knit their patterns before they are "pure and simple", I love them and have knit this particular sweater several times.  Always in malabrigo which is one of the only wools that my sweet boy will wear without complaining.  Obviously when I started this sweater I went big because it's old and it fits!  He and I did decide this morning that we would make it into a vest so that he can wear it today:)  If anyone has thoughts on finishing the arms I'm open to suggestions, the neck also since I don't think I"ll make the hood.
Also I was trying to think of something quick for a friend at work about to have a new grandson when I remembered my "How many baby socks does one skein of opal sock yarn make" project.  I'll finish off this 4th sock and this little guy can have toasty toes for this cool autumn weather.
As far as reading this week, I've been looking at The Birthday Book a bunch due to the fact that my soon-to-be 11 year old daughter is having a birthday sleepover this weekend with 7 girls!  this book is full of great hand-made gift ideas as well as party favors and party games for different age groups, a wonderful resource that we have used for years.
Looking forward to seeing what others are up to  this week.
Thanks to Ginny for hosting.


  1. Love your new banner! And that red vest...gorgeous. I'm in the middle of a "how many dishcloths can that HUGE ball of cotton yarn make?" project. I'm on #3 now, with at least a dozen to go ;-).

  2. I love knitting baby socks! They always turn out cute and it is almost instant gratification. Love your yarn!

  3. What a great idea to make a vest so your son can wear it today. I am no help with sleeve recommendations,but I'm sure someone will have an idea. The baby socks are adorable! xx

  4. Ooo a birthday sleepover!!! I loved those, how fun for your daughter!! Those little socks are so cute, your friend will love them :).

  5. How about doing a simple ribbing when you pick up stitches for the arms? Maybe 2X2 or 1x1?

    You also can work a ribbing after finishing up a hood on the neck opening.

  6. Love the new banner! How about picking up three stitches over four rows all around the sleeve edge then maybe garter stitch for 5 to 7 ridges? That would make it look tidy. Also whatever needle size you used for the body, try one to two sizes smaller.

  7. Love all of those baby socks :) My sister is having a baby in the spring and I can't wait to make some adorable little socks like these :)

  8. Angie! So much goodness. I think I was drooling over that same red malabrigo the other day. Now I'm wishing I bought it. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finished those sleeves for Cory!

  9. How cute that little vest is, and oh those baby socks are just so adorable.

  10. I love the long baby socks. I'm guessing that they stay on better than the ones I used to knit for my little ones. Must get my hands on a copy of the book.


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