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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fever

It has hit...not a thing I can do about it.  I'm not talking the fever that is accompanying a pesky GI bug that has reared its ugly head to certain members of my sweet family.  I'm also not referring to the kind of fever struck by John Travolta in the late seventies.  No this is a different fever all together, a fever I fight every year around this time.  Normally it's pretty snowy and we start to have a warm day here and there, but this winter it's been extra tough, we haven't had a typical snowy winter and we've had a lot of warm days.
Yes my friends I'm talking about spring fever.  I fight it because I know that here in Northern New England there is still plenty of winter to be had.  Snow in March can happen and a storm in April is not unheard of.  So I fight it.
Outside this morning the sun felt good on my face.  I was overcome with a wash of emotions.  You see, the change of seasons for me is so much more than weather.  I feel the change deep inside my being.  There is a shift with every season, a slight change in emotion, hard to explain but I love it with all my heart.  Maybe it's the wanderlust that I often suffer from, change can be a good thing.  Staying stagnant for too long doesn't work.  But the danger in this early fever is the chance of disappointment. After all it is February in Maine.  Strange as this winter has been it is still indeed winter.
 I find myself looking at the garden beds and thinking "this soil could be worked". 

 But yet there are buds on the forsythia and the peach tree!  Even the poor trees are confused.  I didn't notice any crocus' but I'm sure I'll see them soon.  So for today I cut a few branches to force in a vase.  If you haven't done this before I highly recommend it to bring a bit of springtime to your winter.

So here I sit, waiting for my boys to come home from Vermont.  I'll enjoy the new bag I made for spring. It's the city tote from Sew What You Love.  I'll probably make some more of these little spring chicks I've created.  I'll enjoy the feeling and accept the fact that I've got the fever and go with it.


  1. I know, what is up this year? Totally crazy weather!

  2. I have also been fighting that fever for weeks now. (And also fighting an actual fever for a few days there as well…) The calendar says one thing but every cell of my being just *knows* something else. It's been really unsettling… xo

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous. My landlord chopped down our beautiful enormous forsythia bush while we were on vacation this summer. Now I have a barren rooty mud pit in it's place. I used to love to cut some and bring them in too. Yes, March is almost here whether or not winter was real this year or not. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the sixties here so it will really feel like spring is in the air, which isn't such a bad thing. Our crocuses are out already. Weird.

  4. Spring fever was in full force here yesterday as we walked without coats around the neighborhood. And then this morning? Snow. UGH! I can't wait for warm weather to be here to stay!

  5. I understand the fever as well as the confusion! It's hard to believe that the seasons are shifting when we haven't yet had a proper winter.


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