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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Things have been in full swing around here these days.  I've been working on a post about finding inner strength that I still haven't managed to finish it up  (I worked all weekend and saw some amazing women birth and felt truly inspired).  Apparently I can't find the inner strength to say what I need to say...I'll get there, I'm sure:)
 Mostly we are just moving along through our days, one thing after the next trying to find time to give each other a little love and encouragement while getting it all done.
A certain 11 year old girl around here who has hated the color pink most of her life is now embracing it with a passion!  Solution: dye her yellow quilt pink:
 It came out fantastic and she is thrilled with the result!  I couldn't resist snapping a shot of sleeping beauty with her new quilt.  We used good old RIT dye, though we've had some luck dying wool with purple cabbage lately we didn't have the same luck with cotton.

 I've had great luck with yogurt lately thanks to The Homesteaders Kitchen, I had failed in the past, but this simple recipe warm by the wood stove has been fantastic!  I tried straining it to make Greek style yogurt today, if it works I'll be sure and post about it. 
The fellowship is always on hand to help out in the kitchen.

A recent trip to the library resulted in a big pile of books for mama and a big game of chess for these two.
Which of course has resulted in some pretty intense chess matches morning, noon and night right here at home. 
There was a new new nephew born last week and we are all anxiously waiting to meet him.  A road trip is in the works my friends.

Our lovely little Molly has qualified for regionals so we'll be heading off to Glenns Falls NY in May to watch her compete with her team mates.

Corey has been keeping busy with his travel basketball team.

Greg has been busy writing lots of new music recently (such fun to hear it first).  The band has been getting a lot of play on the local radio station!  You can listen to some bits of the new album here, it's actually an EP available at gigs but not online yet.  The old album is available here if you want to check them out.

 I've been trying to pay some attention to my etsy shop as it's been a bit neglected these days, look for some spring goodness soon.
 and finally this dog of ours is ready to play some ball any time anyone is interested! 
So as you can see lately we've been up to lots,  Hope that you've been finding fun and I'll be back with more soon.


  1. My son would love to play chess with that library set! So neat! Our previous dog, Zoe could hold two balls in her mouth but not for long :)

  2. That set is awesome! I love the comforter... looks great!

  3. I always look forward to seeing what you are all up to. I can only imagine how working with birthing women must inspire you. Congratulations to Molly. Hope they have a great time come May. I love labradors. Such loyal loving furballs they are. I have no idea how to play chess, perhaps Corey and Molly can teach me one day!
    Jacinta x

  4. It looks like you are all having some wonderful day, enjoying this life!
    How did you like the yogurt? I eat it every night with some honey and homemade granola. It is my special treat and I love it more than ice cream.

  5. Um, i'm totally coming over to ask for those Pez! Just kidding, but they're amazing. I've never made successful yogurt. It's quite a goal of mine. Nice job on the quilt. Love it!

  6. My youngest would love a chess match with those big chess pieces! And are the LOTR groupies hoping for a 2nd breakfast to be served? :) I hope the Greek yogurt works. I've made yogurt several times now and enjoy the process (still too new to me to have the recipe memorized yet), but I'm interested in seeing if your new test works out okay.


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