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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Love Love

I tend to go back and forth about this valentines day thing...Sometimes I'm sure it's nothing more than another hallmark holiday meant for people to spend money on things they plainly don't need.  But every year I seam to find myself caught up in some sort of heart crafting mania of one thing or another.  I guess I enjoy the idea of Love and spreading it anyway anyhow. I'll skip the heart-shaped box of chocolates (not chocolate in general mind you...never).
So today, here is a little list of some things I love:
These sweet heart pot-holders I made for a friend.  Aren't they so cute, the fabric is Oz and the pattern is here . Super quick and easy,  I think I may have to make more!
I love the fact that this boy of mine can just sit and listen to a book or music while knitting....melts my heart.
This is the gift he's made for a friends birthday, a tunic with a crest and a knitted medieval mace.  I told him he may need to do a tutorial for this fun and safe battle tool, he designed it all on his own and boy is he proud!

I love hearing my sweet hubby being played on the radio!  You can check it out here.

I love how dedicated sweet Molly is to gymnastics even if it scares me a little, or makes it so I'm at the gym 4 nights a week.
I love homeschooling my kids and know we made the right choice.
I love my new floor.
I love dreaming of life on a farm.
I love the smell of wool, weird I know but I love it so.
I love watching Downton Abbey on the laptop in bed (thanks Rachel for this latest addiction, I think I found this on your blog).
I love the amazing group of women I work with helping babies come into the world.
I love my new cuppow that a friend just gifted me this am!  Coolest invention ever.
I love my wonderfully crazy family and all the joy they have given me in this life.

Have a Happy Valentines Day, however you chose to celebrate!


  1. I agree with Greg! I hope your day was a great one. We had a little rain here, finally so that was a good thing and we had a lovely little tea party with homemade treats. I had a great time doing something 'girlie', it's been awhile!

  2. I love your love post. That boy of yours...wow, he is awesome.

  3. I love your gorgeous boy's craftiness! Downton Abby is my favourite show. As we don't have mainstream tv, my dear hubby (Greg!) got it for me to watch on my laptop. I think I only have episode 8 of season 2 left to watch. I am kind of putting it off, as I don't want the season to be over, just yet. Happy days to you. Jacinta x

  4. I forgot to say anything about Downton Abbey...I'm happy to have the obsession (doesn't it seem like a period drama soap?).

  5. Happy Valentines! I love your mitts :)


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