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Monday, February 6, 2012

Things to do

We've got a a busy week ahead so I don't know how much I'll be around this space.  In typical Maine winter fashion we had some pipes burst and freeze a few weeks ago.  Everything is fine all is OK, but we need the living room and front entry floors replaced.  Today things are pretty much chaos as we try to continue with normal.
 Here's a perfect example, Normal morning, bread dough rising in front of the fire (along w/ Molly eating her breakfast).  But turn to your left and there is a huge pile of wood flooring acclimating to the environment before it starts to go down later this week.
I'm not complaining mind you, New floors will be great, home owners is helping us out and we have a contractor/builder that we know and trust!  Just means chaos for our week.
To add to this said chaos, Molly is bugging me to finish her room (she's supposed to be moving to the third floor) and last night Corey's bed frame broke!  So this morning while I am supposed to be cleaning and getting ready to empty out this room I've been looking on the Internet for a while trying to find some good ideas for a loft bed. 
I've started a board on pintrest with ideas so if you have any please let me know:)  We already knew a loft was the way to go for him.  His room is small and while he's been offered Molly's room when she moves upstairs he doesn't want a different room (doesn't like change), he wants to find a way to fit a record listening station into his room.  A loft is a perfect answer!  He can hang underneath and listen to all the records he wants!  Oh and did I mention I could then claim Molly's room as my own???  Then I could have a closet/dressing/craft/office... instead of a craffice would I have a claffice?  or a cloffice?  or perhaps cloaftice? 
I'll do my best to update this week, but things may get a little hectic.
Hope your weekend and the following week were/are filled with fun.

Heading off to the gorgeous Georgia coast last year...wouldn't mind being there now:)


  1. I would love to be an L & D nurse, you have a fantastic job. One of my good friend's [and husband's cousin] is a nursery nurse here and she loves her job, just not the whining mothers! ;)
    How exciting to be installing new floors! I have one room left to do and then maybe we can move on to something else!
    Love the picture of all you you together...y'all are a beautiful family.

  2. You all look so nice together :) Burst pipes are not fun, when we had ours it was luckily on the unfinished side of the basement and totally our fault. Hooray for new floors!!

  3. Georgia coast, would that by any chance be Jekyll Island, one of our most favorite places ever? We fantasize about it often. Good luck with your crazy week!

  4. Awwww, your family. It is weird to love people I've never met as much as I love your family? I want to hug you all.
    Glad you made it through the busy work weekend at least?!? I don't handle things like burst pipes very well - I'm glad you sound calmer than I'd be sounding. I am very excited for your craffice!!! Woo hoo!

  5. Lol, I loved and smiled with the post Angie! How calm and collected you seem through your chaos! Burst pipes are normal--well my goodness I've got to stop complaining. A loft sounds perfect!!! And a how about "studio" instead of craffice or croffice (sound too similar to orifice hee hee). Much luck to you as Cory adjusts to everything. In the end, I bet he will be oh so happy!!!

  6. Burst pipes don't sound like a lot of fun. I'm sure the new floors will look lovely. So exciting for you that there is some new spaces to be made! Have fun rearranging. Jacinta


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