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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I went outside this morning for the first time since Monday.  I've been hit by the nastiest GI bug around and it hasn't been pretty.  No sewing, no cleaning, no thinking really (maybe a fantasy or two about IV fluids), it's been that bad.  While I am on the mend I am still quite ill and amazed at how long this is lasting.  I finally ate this morning and am hoping for energy from that.  Being outside was nice, it's always amazing to me that when our lives appear at a stand still for whatever reason, illness, work, chidbirth etc... anything that keeps us from noticing what is happening around us,  life still continues on.
Outside today that was obvious:

flowers are blooming and growing,
our peach tree is full of sweet pink blossoms,

There is columbine, lupine and clematis (that last shot is for you Rachel).
there is a patch of lettuce ready for eating, along side some grass ready for mowing...

The blueberries and raspberries are making hardy promises.
And finally, the lilacs are very close to bloom.  I'm actually a little nervous now that I will miss them in all their glory while we are away next week.  But none the less, it was lovely to step outside this morning and start to feel human again.  I'm off for a nap now, hope that your day is lovely and full of blooms.
A Huge thank you to my amazing husband here!  I couldn't have survived the last few days without him.  He worked from home as I couldn't really move.  He shuffled kids around, cooked them meals, and shuttled me back and forth in the middle of the night as needed.  I am so lucky...


  1. Oh, Mama! I thought you seemed a little quiet this week - even for all the busyness you had planned. I'm so sorry you've been sick but happy you have such a sweet family to take care of you - Greg's a keeper. ;)
    You garden looks beautiful! That picture was my favourite before I saw the caption - and that, of course, made me smile!
    Feel better soon, sweet friend! Sending lots of love your way!
    xoxo R

  2. Oh, it is so hard when Momma doesn't feel well. How wonderful that Greg could work from home and help...husband's are wonderful.
    I hope you feel better soon and get your strength up to enjoy your trip!

  3. Yes, you are lucky. Glad you have an amazing man by your side. Oh I'm so sorry you have been so sick. When you said you dreamed of IV fluids, I knew EXACTLY what you meant. YUCK! I was sick like that once pregnant with my 2nd.....oh Lord have mercy. I too wanted IV fluids. Hope you are on the mend from that horrible sickness.

  4. Oh dear! So sorry you've been so ill. But, what promise grows around you :-). Lilacs are my favorite!! Mmmmm

  5. Angie, hope you are feeling better. They are the worst kind of bugs. Lovely to hear you have been well looked after. Hope everyone else stays well. The garden photos are lovely. Hope you get to smell those lilacs. Jacinta


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