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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny over at Small Things for the yarn along again this week.  Getting back into  rhythm certainly feels good.

I have the same issue as Ginny mentioned in that I cannot focus on one knitting project at a time, instead I have several going.  I'm almost done sleeves on Tiny Tea Leaves for our little friend Theona.  The yarn is Romney Ridge Farm right up the road from me!  such a sweet little farm to visit, Kelly hand dyes the yarn from all her sheep right there.  The other knitting project you see is an altered version of the same sweater that Molly has invented/requested.  It will have cap sleeves and be shorter.  The yarn we found at a yarn shop on St Simon's Island.  It's Auracania Ruca 100% sugar cane!  We had to give it a try, I think it would make a lovely shawl, though I'm not sure how it will end up as this sweater, but Miss Molly was insistent so we'll see how it turns out. 
As far as reading, I've got a few things going right now, but something I'm really loving is Mini Farming: Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham.  This is definitely a beginner book and probably wouldn't be useful to someone already living a farming lifestyle, but I'm enjoying it.  I've found some good info on soil balance and some in-depth info on my raised beds that is helpful.  There is some good info on raising meat birds including instructions to build a simple mechanical plucker.  I'm not there, but it was interesting to read. 
We are finally getting some sun here in Maine so I'm off to tend to my garden.
As always, thanks to Ginny for hosting.


  1. good luck with your projects :) I love the colors of the yarns :) and U can't wait to see how the shorter sweater with cap and sleeves turns out :)

  2. Thinking of yarn made from sugar cane is just wild! What yarn store did you go to? I may have to make a short road trip!

  3. Sugar cane yarn! And I thought my skeins of nettle were unique! That book sounds more up my alley than the hard-core farm in _The Dirty Life_. I dream of having yarn provided by a neighbor up the road, if not from my own animals. How lucky you are to have Romney Ridge! Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. Tiny Tea Leaves is my favorite little Cardigan pattern!

  5. I too dream of yarn from up the road! I don't even have a knitting store that close...Sugar cane yarn? That sounds crazy!
    Thanks for the info on that book - sounds like my speed!

  6. I was looking at the sugar cane yarn at a yarn store and was wondering how it knit up, do you like it? Your projects are beautiful!

  7. Love the colours you are using for tealeaves. I haven't come across sugarcane yarn, but if it is anything like bamboo or soya, I'm sure it is soft. Jacinta

  8. Hmm I feel like most of us knitters never stay 'monogamous' to our projects hehe! So cool about the sugar cane - must google this!

  9. love that pretty lavender-ish yarn! i keep thinking of knitting a tiny tea leaves for one of my girls...might need to make that my second project ;-)


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