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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcoming Motherhood

Becoming a mother is the most profound, overwhelming, amazing thing that has ever happened to me.  No one could have possibly prepared me for the way my heart would open up and begin pouring love onto this wee creature.  When carrying my second child I dreaded the birth...it's true.  I was so afraid that I didn't have enough room in my heart to love another baby, I was so consumed by Molly (they are just a year apart) that I truly believed there just wasn't room.  I can still so clearly remember the moment of Corey's birth, the way my heart just expanded without hesitation, without me willing it to do so.  I was instantly in love.  In love with him, in love with my daughter, in love with my husband all over again, in love with motherhood.
 I know for some women they have always known they were meant to be a mother, while I assumed someday I would have children, I didn't think about actually being a mother, didn't understand the impact it would have on who I was/am as a person, I didn't know just how whole and complete it would make me.  There was a void that had never been present before that was suddenly filled.  Greg laughs and says that I was always "mama bear" long before our children, but this power, this strength that motherhood has given me cannot be anticipated, explained or felt before the gift of motherhood.
 Greg is in the recording studio all weekend, and the kids are with close family friends in the White mountains of New Hampshire  hiking, biking, looking for trolls, fairies and who knows what else.  I am at work...and I am blessed.  I work with the most amazing group of women, most of them mothers or soon to be.  The wisdom, strength and humor that all of these different women delights me every time I am with them.  We have been very busy all weekend and together we have helped a lot of women welcome motherhood for the first time and some for the 4th or 5th time.  I honestly can 't think of a better way to spend my Mother's Day weekend!  Getting to witness first hand that profound, overwhelming power that comes from deep within a woman when she births her baby is truly a gift. 
Today I salute all mothers for being just that;  mothers...
Enjoy your day.


  1. I'm with you Angie, I feel like the luckiest woman on earth, and what a way to feel on Mother's day :). And what a gift you bring in helping to birth babies!! Happy Mama's Day to you lovely lady!!

  2. How lovely! Thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you. It sounds like you have the best job ever!! :-)

  3. Gorgeous photos Angie. What a beautiful job you do. Midwives are the best! Jacinta

  4. What a lovely post, Angie - and so wonderful to see pictures of your beautiful self! I think you have a very special job - wish you were out my way!

  5. A beautiful post, and a beautiful tribute to motherhood! Your description of how your heart expanded to welcome the second is on the mark!

    You should link this post up:


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