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Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking advantage of the Sun

Just a quick post this morning as we have many things to do today and it's gorgeous out!  We've been busy soaking up sunshine lately as there has been lots and that I must say puts everyone in a great mood.  It's time to officially put away all the winter garb and start being outside first thing in the morning. Coffee on this porch swing is a personal favorite.
We had such sun one day  that Miss Molly did a little gardening in a tank top and shorts!

Since the kiddos were very little I've had them planting annual flowers in pots to scatter around the porch and yard.  Molly has come to expect it and takes great pride in her flower arrangements.

Corey as you can see has been far too busy with many battles keeping our world safe (from what I'm not always sure, but we are safe).

The kids and I have been busy creating a "fortress" among the trees on our little bit of property.  We've only just started, but the plans are huge and soon will require help from the professionals (aka Dad and our good neighbor).

Speaking of those neighbors of ours...My sweet little friend turned 3 yesterday and once again we got the joy of celebrating with her! It was a perfect day and as soon as we get some pictures of her in the sweet little dress I made her I'll be sure to post them (very excited).
We did have to leave the joyous sun for most of the day on Saturday as Molly had competed in the state gymnastics tournament.  We are so proud of her, she placed 6th in the state for her age group and had season-best scores in 3 events! Worth skipping the sunshine to see her smile as she accepted her awards!
Hope you are having lots of sunshine where ever you are.  We are off to the local farm for some onion sets and hopefully some goat kid and lamb love!


  1. It was a great weekend indeed! Enjoy the sun today, because it's going to rain the rest of the week.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see your fotress!!

  3. So glad that spring finally found you! How wonderful for Molly, she must have worked so
    hard. I love that she arranges flowers--a skill
    that will be of value her whole life!
    Enjoy your day in the sun!

  4. So wonderful. I want to take a swing on your porch!
    Congratulations to Molly!! Have fun at the farm!

  5. Beautiful! Coffee on the porch swing sounds like a glorious summer ritual!

  6. Hi Angie,
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    It was nice to visit here and see your children.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  7. What a lovely weekend indeed. I love how children love helping in the garden. My girls take great pride in all that they do in the garden. Congraulations to Molly. Sounds like she has great talent. Goodluck with your plans for your property. Hope to see how things turn out. I love Corey's fortress and may he keep on protecting you all! Jacinta

  8. Opps, above typo should read, *Congratulations*

  9. Congrats to your daughter! 6th place WOW!!! What a wonderful weekend you had :). Yay for tank tops and shorts, planting, and climbing trees. Spring has arrived ;).


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