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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rainy Days

The last few days have been rainy which has shifted our days a bit, we've been outside so much.  While being outside is simply glorious it has meant that I've neglected some things that need to be done inside, so today I welcome the rain and take advantage and try to catch up just a little.  After all the flowers are welcoming the rain.

Inside I've got piggies that need finishing:
there is always some of this:

The kids and I have been enjoying the Chronicles of Narnia together and today we start this one:
We are reading them in the order they were published, apparently there are very strong opinions as to how you should read them as the chronological order different from the publication order.  Of course first they need to finish this:
I'm hoping for some inspiration from here:
And we're about to devour this yummy breakfast treat from my sweet friend Rachel over at House full of Jays
Enjoy your day inside or out!


  1. I love the Narnia Series. I used them as a read aloud a few years ago and enjoyed it as much as the kid's since I had never read it before. I need a good rainy day to get some inside work done! Enjoy.

  2. ummmm, next time you're going to make something like that for breakfast get out of bed earlier so I can have some!

  3. Yummy brekkie! And can't wait for the piggies. I'm trying to work out when we can start reading these with our son :-). Is a precocious 4 1/2 too young?

  4. Yummy breakfast. I saw the post on Rachel's blog. I bet it was tasty. A friend of mine has the Weekend Sewing book of which I have thumbed through a number of times. I will put in a link to a page that lists some of the errata. I was put off the book for this reason, but doesn't mean I don't love the projects of course. http://kappysews.wordpress.com/weekend-sewing-by-heather-ross-updated-errata-sheet/
    As for laundry baskets, I think I am going to think of mine as modern art and keep displaying them around my home :)

  5. Ooo, yours looks good! So glad you enjoyed it!
    I love your tulips and your fence and your piggies!! The fence picture is especially great!

  6. Love the piggies! I'm needle felting some.


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